How to make real money in the virtual world of online slots? Read on to get some free comprehensive guidelines for playing online slots for real money! Virtual online slots real money rewards are at your fingertips!

Online slots real money rewards

There are online slots for every budget and playing a high or low stake slot is entirely up to your discretion. There is even the most generous option for playing for free – yes, indeed, online slots real money earned with no real money wagered to begin with! This is one way to dip your toe in the water if you’re a newbie and not too sure about all this online gambling business. Once you register at the online slot of your choice, you can activate the bonus via your email and proceed to play online slots for real money.

The Bear Favor of Free Money

But, it would be what one might call a “bear favor”, like that old adage where the dancing bear loved its master so much that he wanted to swat the fly away from his owner’s face and ended up mauling him to death… Now, hold your horses and your bears!

It isn’t quite so tragic in this case, but indeed, while it may seem that online slots real money awards can come from zero investment, in most online slots you wouldn’t be eligible to win the big money jackpots. The chance to get a no deposit bonus which is referred to as a Free Spin Bonus when it comes to online slot machines sounds like money for nothing and chicks for free, as the song goes and yet, online gaming and casino sites as we know them would die out if anyone could just use a Free Spin to win some slots real money in a game of chance and run off with it scot-free.

This is because you need to ‘play-through’ the slots for a certain number of spins for a certain total value before you are allowed to cash out any real money. You are usually required to spin through 25 to 50 times the value of the bonus and deposit. For example, let’s say you deposited 10 euros and you got a 10 euro bonus on a 30x ‘play-through’. This means you have a total of 20 euros (10+10) you would have to play through 600 euros worth of spins before you could actually access any real money.

Many online slots award sign-up bonuses when you decide to play online slots for real money. The deposits online slot games require are usually much lower than land casinos ask for. The bonus money lines up in relation to a percentage of the deposit you made. However, the cash out only happens when you wager actual money and you play long enough to stake the required amount necessary to make a withdrawal at the end… the happy end, when luck shines upon you and you win all you’ve set out to.

Real money – real bonuses

You can transfer the money via most credit cards or online payment platforms before you start playing.

Casinos offer various casino bonuses and some of these are the Reload slot bonus, where the player is elegantly lured to return because they’ve already previously made a deposit in the online casino. There are also Referral slot bonus, should your unwavering enthusiasm prove to be contagious enough to spread the word and gather your friends around the online slot machines where they too can win real money. The one you should really look out for is the Matched Deposit Bonus, where the player usually gets to double up the money and this makes sense if you choose to persist with the gameplay.

real money online

The only “catch” is that you have to play through that money several dozen times before you can secure a cash out. You have to keep playing until you’ve met the wagering requirements. The good news? With every subsequent, real-money-wagered free spin, the winnings are automatically yours to keep.

How to pick the right slot for your real money

The rule of thumb is to look for a high return, also known as the RTP (Return To Player). Make sure that the return percentage is at least 96 or 97% because this means that most of the money you invest in a game is potentially given back to you when you win.

Next, you want to be sure you’ve found a good online casino to begin with and this can be screened by observing the following:

> clear and easy to use payment options. This doesn’t just refer to how easily you can make a deposit, but also on the payment reliability history of the online casino in question, as well as making sure there is timely payout (within days, not weeks) once you’ve bagged the loot. There are various online forums, such as as well as other review sites that show which free games have been blacklisted and which ones provide the best player experience.

> casino certification (look for top online accrediting companies such as eCOGRA, TST, and iTech Labs) to ensure a fully audited random number generator is used on the platform

> various bonus options allow for a better gaming experience, and offer more ways to win; generally, a good online slot will have more than a few options for free spins.

> customer support is key for a seamless user experience; look for 24/7 availability, timeliness and a friendly disposition.

So, how to really win real money?

Playing online slots for real money can be just the ticket, the meal-ticket, the Golden Ticket… but, how?

When you play real money slots, remember the golden rule – nothing ventured, nothing gained! Educate yourself on how the bonuses work and how much you truly need to venture before you can gain!

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